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Gorky Park her legs and caressed Hitomi Shiraishi stomach down to her bush, and Hitomi Shiraishi gave a mock look of surprise, then danced away. Dimitri smiled, and rubbed his fingers together. This woman danced for several more people, including Diane, and then finished by writhing on Hitomi Shiraishi hands and knees in front of Lisa. Lisa had expected most of this. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was traditional for the entertainers to show the "honored" guest that they were desirable. This was done several ways, but mostly by trying to arouse or seduce them with dance, song, mime, et cetera. The lights dimmed and a single bright light from overhead illuminated the center of the room. Lisa watched, wondering what was about to happen. Two young women entered the circle of light, holding hands. Both were stark naked, and their nudity was even more obvious by their skin. Both were fair skinned blondes, one with short, well styled hair, the other with long, flowing, golden hair that hung to the middle of Hitomi Shiraishi back. The girls faced Lisa, and Hitomi Shiraishi could see that they were, if not identical, twins. Both had pleasing figures, with full breasts, dark nipples and light brown pubic bushes. The twins bowed from the waist slightly, then turned to each other. They kissed. There was soft music in the air, and the twins slowly kissed, touching each other gently, as only two women can do. They embraced and began exploring each other, doing things that made the audience feel that they were just beginning to explore each other for the first time. This went on, and the twins knelt down, kissing and licking each other's face, ears, and neck, pressing breasts to breasts, belly to belly, squeezing and massaging each other. Slowly their passions climbed, and the audience was aware of their desires for each other. The girls formed a 69, and the heat built in the room. Lisa could feel it too. Hitomi Shiraishi pussy was drenching the pillow under Hitomi Shiraishi, and her nipples were hard. Hitomi Shiraishi leaned over to Melissa, without looking at Hitomi Shiraishi big sister. "They are so hot! I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido'm soaked.", Hitomi Shiraishi whispered. Getting no answer, she looked at Melissa. Hitomi Shiraishi sister's mouth was open slightly and Hitomi Shiraishi eyes were half lidded. Looking down, Lisa saw that Melissa's right hand was under Hitomi Shiraishi gown, moving furiously over Hitomi Shiraishi clit. Lisa felt her pussy squeeze out more of Hitomi Shiraishi cream, and then Hitomi Shiraishi realized that even with the strong light on the twins, Hitomi Shiraishi had trouble seeing Melissa next to Hitomi Shiraishi. One of the twins moaned loudly and Lisa returned Hitomi Shiraishi attention to them. The one on top, with the long hair, had thrown Hitomi Shiraishi head back and was shaking visibly as Hitomi Shiraishi sister sucked her pussy. Hitomi Shiraishi moaned again, then dove between Hitomi Shiraishi sister's legs, tossing her head from side to side. Both began moaning, arching, writhing against each other like sweaty snakes. They finished off in a moaning, shuddering climax that left the room feeling very hot. Lisa felt sweat trickled down between Hitomi Shiraishi tits when Hitomi Shiraishi applauded loudly with everyone else. The lights came up only slightly, and Lisa recognized Ellen and Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend walk to the middle of the room. From the other side walked James, a handsome young man who was several years older than Lisa. All were naked. Ellen stood between them and smiled at Lisa. Lisa's body, already aroused, was even more aroused by watching people Hitomi Shiraishi knew. Ellen knelt and began sucking both the men's rigid shafts. Neither was overly large, and Hitomi Shiraishi alternated easily between them. Ellen looked right at Lisa several times, smiling seductively with a "don't-you-wish-you-were-me" look. After a few moments, Hitomi Shiraishi continued on James while Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend knelt and entered Hitomi Shiraishi from behind. He worked in and out of her until Hitomi Shiraishi moaned, then the men changed places. Lisa watched Ellen suck Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend's glistening cock, slick with Hitomi Shiraishi own creams. Lisa's cunt was sopped, and she now sat back, letting Hitomi Shiraishi cream flow down between her cheeks to the damp pillows. James pounded Ellen hard, making Hitomi Shiraishi conical tits slap together noisily. Ellen took Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend's cock all the way down several times. Around the room were sounds of people enjoying themselves and if she looked carefully, Lisa could see the outlines of semi-naked bodies in various positions. A third young man walked out, naked. James pulled out and he started fucking Ellen. The third man Lisa knew was James' brother, John. John's cock was long, but thinner than the others. James reclined and then Ellen sat on him, still sucking Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend. John moved and slid his cock into Ellen's butt, and the four of them began to work at climaxing all at once. Ellen writhed and moaned, all of Hitomi Shiraishi holes filled. After a few long sweaty minutes, Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriend came. Ellen gulped most of his cum down before he pulled out and shot two final spurts on Hitomi Shiraishi face. The brothers groaned a moment later and spurted their cum into Hitomi Shiraishi ass and cunt. Lisa took a deep breath and realized that Hitomi Shiraishi pussy throbbed and itched to be filled. "Are you ready to pick someone yet?", Melissa asked quietly. "And how!", Lisa said. "You can get naked you know.", Melissa said. "You've been sitting there like a lump long enough." Lisa doffed Hitomi Shiraishi gown, exposing her firm, tanned body and sopped cunt. Melissa saw the glistening wetness on Lisa's ass and thighs. "Why don't you start with a woman?", Melissa said. "To lick you off." The lights came up to a soft glow, and around the room many people were already naked. To Lisa's disappointment, Dimitri had his cock buried up a busty woman's cunt and was pounding Hitomi Shiraishi hard. One of the twins came over to Hitomi Shiraishi, leaving her sister sucking Diane's reddish bush. Lisa cupped one of Hitomi Shiraishi tits and that was all the invitation the blonde needed. "You're so beautiful.", the blonde gushed, "Let me show you pleasure." Hitomi Shiraishi sucked Lisa's tit, licking around the nipple gently and fingering Lisa's drenched pussy. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidon the background, Lisa heard the familiar five- tones, signaling the beginning of a full fledged orgy. The blonde turned out to be expert at wringing orgasms from Lisa. Lisa came at least five times in as many minutes, soaking the girl's face with her cum-cream. The girl even used Hitomi Shiraishi firm tits to fuck Lisa, wetting them with Hitomi Shiraishi juices. The other twin joined a few minutes later, and Lisa sucked Hitomi Shiraishi sweet pussy greedily. The twins found a man to play with after Lisa had begged for a break, and all around the dimly lit room, people were enjoying each other. Lisa saw Magda in a torrid sixty-nine with the belly- dancer while Hitomi Shiraishi father fucked the belly-dancer with long, even strokes. Dimitri was now fucking someone else and Lisa figured Hitomi Shiraishi wouldn't get any of him tonight. Hitomi Shiraishi saw the dark-eyed stranger, laying back on a large pillow and a brunette sucking him. The brunette's ass looked so inviting, and Lisa went over. Hitomi Shiraishi began licking the brunette's slick pussy until Hitomi Shiraishi came. The girl sat up and looked around, and Lisa smiled when Hitomi Shiraishi saw that it was Nina. Then, Lisa's eyes widened. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidon Nina's hand was the most beautiful, perfect cock Hitomi Shiraishi'd ever seen. The brown-eyed stranger's cock stood glistening wetly from Nina's mouth, about eight or eight and a half inches, and thick enough that neither Nina nor Lisa could get their hand all the way around it. The head was perfect, even, flaring out gracefully. The shaft was strong and stiff, and his balls hung low, looking full and sensual. The man smiled and Lisa bent down, closing Hitomi Shiraishi lips around the head. It was hot in Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, and the head was large but not too big. Lisa let him slide into Hitomi Shiraishi mouth slowly, running her tongue over him to explore his throbbing penis. Hitomi Shiraishi took half of him in Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, then reversed, sucking it as Hitomi Shiraishi withdrew. Nina's fingers played along the folds of Lisa's cunt, and Hitomi Shiraishi lips closed around Lisa's left nipple, sucking hard. Lisa let go and enjoyed the sensations. Lisa sucked, and took as much down Hitomi Shiraishi throat as Hitomi Shiraishi could, leaving about one or two inches unclaimed. Hitomi Shiraishi licked his balls and sucked his cock again, and this time Hitomi Shiraishi could feel how close he was. Nina turned and sucked the man's balls gently, then washed them with Hitomi Shiraishi tongue. The head swelled against the back of Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, then the shaft did too. Lisa moved back, holding the head in Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, clamping her cunt down on all three of Nina's fingers. Lisa thought Hitomi Shiraishi heard his cum shooting down his cock. Then, a long hot stream pulsed into Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, flowing like a river. The man moaned, and then spurted again. The second stream was like the first, hot, thick, and full. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot mixed with the first, forming a pool in Lisa's mouth. A third, this time even stronger than the first, but shorter. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot splashed against the back of Lisa's mouth. Lisa sank Hitomi Shiraishi mouth down now, surrounding his cock with his hot cum. Two more spurts, both thick and creamy filled Hitomi Shiraishi mouth until Hitomi Shiraishi cheeks bulged to get his cock and his cum in there to- gether. Lisa sat up, sucking his cock clean as Hitomi Shiraishi withdrew. Nina was right next to Hitomi Shiraishi, and Lisa took her head in her hands and kissed her, sharing the man's thick sperm. Nina's tongue slid over Hitomi Shiraishis, and the thick hot cum slithered back and forth between their mouths. Nina gave it back and Lisa swallowed, savoring his slightly salty, somewhat sweet jism. Lisa's lips were slick with it, as were Nina's. Lisa looked at the brown-eyed man, licked Hitomi Shiraishi lips and smiled. He sat up and pulled Hitomi Shiraishi to him, kissing her on the mouth, and then entering Hitomi Shiraishi mouth with his tongue. Lisa had sucked off Hitomi Shiraishi boyfriends before, but none of them wanted to kiss Hitomi Shiraishi afterwards. This man was kissing her afterwards, and it excited her tremendously. His hands found Hitomi Shiraishi breasts and kneaded them gently, pulling on Hitomi Shiraishi nipples just right. To her surprise, his cock was still hard, and he pulled Hitomi Shiraishi up and entered her easily. They fucked each other hard, his lips and tongue pulling orgasms out of Hitomi Shiraishi by sucking her tits, and his cock filling her cunt just right. Nina was pulling Hitomi Shiraishi cheeks open and licking her anus, and Lisa was floating from one orgasm to another. The man's cock stretched Hitomi Shiraishi pussy just slightly, just enough to make Hitomi Shiraishi feel very tight. And he knew how to please Hitomi Shiraishi with it! Nina slid her finger deep into Lisa's ass, and Lisa groaned, feeling Nina pressing against the man's cock through Hitomi Shiraishi tight channel. He groaned too, and began slamming Hitomi Shiraishi cunt furiously. "Yes!", Lisa yelped. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" The man came again, flooding Hitomi Shiraishi cunt with his hot, thick cum. Lisa could feel every squirt, every minute throb of him. Hitomi Shiraishi spasmed and came, sitting on his cock with all Hitomi Shiraishi weight. Nina lifted Lisa off the man's cock and sucked Hitomi Shiraishi cum-filled cunt, drinking his jism from Hitomi Shiraishi and lapping her cream. Lisa climaxed twice more, soaking Nina's pretty face. Lisa laid down on the man, breathing hard. He too was breathing heavily. Nina kissed Lisa and then moved over to another couple. The man, whose name Hitomi Shiraishi didn't know, held Hitomi Shiraishi tenderly for a few moments, then excused himself, heading for the guest bathroom. Lisa wanted to ask him his name at least, but as soon as he was a few feet away, another guest knelt between Hitomi Shiraishi legs. The woman was in Hitomi Shiraishi thirties, blonde, elegantly pretty, and very oral. Hitomi Shiraishi held Lisa's legs apart and began licking Hitomi Shiraishi with short, fast twitches of Hitomi Shiraishi tongue. Lisa's stomach jerked as Hitomi Shiraishi felt her body responding, and the woman knew just how to make Lisa hang on the edge of orgasm. After several aborted peaks, Lisa was ready to cry for a climax. The woman, sensing this, stood and straddled Lisa's chest. "Suck me.", Hitomi Shiraishi ordered. Lisa leaned forward, pressing Hitomi Shiraishi nose against the well trimmed light brown bush. Hitomi Shiraishi snaked Hitomi Shiraishi tongue out and began licking between the woman's shapely legs. Lisa used Hitomi Shiraishi thumbs and pulled the woman's pussy open, exposing a large, blood-engorged clit. Hitomi Shiraishi sucked the bud, making the woman's hips jerk and rock against Hitomi Shiraishi. Something warm dripped on her tits as Lisa sucked, and Lisa's hips began rocking in a slow, erotic rhythm. When the blonde came, Lisa could feel the cream dripping onto Hitomi Shiraishi tits, and hear the slurping noises Hitomi Shiraishi cunt made with each contraction. The blonde moved back, sliding off Lisa's body and sprawling on the floor with a contented smile. Lisa looked around for Hitomi Shiraishi stranger, but could not find him in the semi-darkness. Hitomi Shiraishi got up and moved around, finding Melissa in the middle of the room. Melissa and Diane were engaged in a four-way fuck and having fun with it. Hitomi Shiraishi elder sister lay on Hitomi Shiraishi back, Diane's reddish-orange bush grinding away on Hitomi Shiraishi mouth while a handsome gentleman slowly fucked her asshole. Diane was holding Melissa's legs open for one of Lisa's classmates, Terry, while he slammed into Hitomi Shiraishi upturned cunt. Lisa watched for a moment, until Dimitri showed up. Dimitri wasted no time, pulling Lisa to the floor next to Hitomi Shiraishi sister and then spreading her cheeks. Lisa kept looking at Diane's red bush rubbing Hitomi Shiraishi sister's face, the eroticism of it not lost on Hitomi Shiraishi. Dimitri's cock pressed against her anus and Lisa fingered herself lightly in order to relax. Dimitri's cock pushed and slipped into Hitomi Shiraishi asshole almost painlessly. The stretching exercises were paying off, something to thank Melissa for later. Then Lisa felt Hitomi Shiraishi asshole being filled with Dimitri's thick, warm cock. Hitomi Shiraishi stomach bulged at the full sensation, and Hitomi Shiraishi body tightened it's grip on him. He began moving in ever speedier thrusts, wracking Hitomi Shiraishi body with heavenly sensations. Lisa leaned down and sucked on Melissa's left tit, pulling the soft, quivering flesh between Hitomi Shiraishi lips as her sister writhed from the hard fucking Hitomi Shiraishi was getting. This spurred both Dimitri and Lisa's classmate into hard, ramming thrusts. Suddenly Diane cried out. "I'm cum...cumming...Yes! CUM I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi NikaidoN ME!" Lisa looked up, releasing Melissa's swaying tit. Diane's face was flushed almost as red as Hitomi Shiraishi hair, her hands were cupping and clenching her tits hard. Hitomi Shiraishi cunt was pressed hard against Melissa's face and wet sucking noises came from Diane's crotch. The man in Hitomi Shiraishi ass pulled her hips hard, then groaned. "Fill me! Fill me! OH! I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot's squirting SO MUCH!", Diane cried. Lisa had been watching, mouth slack, nipples taut, cunt spasming, and her asshole pulsing around Dimitri's prick. "LISA!", a voice called out. Lisa turned Hitomi Shiraishi head towards Terry, who had pulled out of Melissa's juicy cunt, and Hitomi Shiraishi saw his slick, glistening cock inches from Hitomi Shiraishi face. The sperm jumped out, landing on Hitomi Shiraishi lower lip and tongue. He moved closer as he kept spurting. Semen washed Hitomi Shiraishi face in hot, thick streams, running down Hitomi Shiraishi neck. Lisa opened her mouth and sucked his cock, feeling the last few drops trickle out of the head. Hitomi Shiraishi sucked briefly and released him, swallowing his cream so Hitomi Shiraishi could breath through Hitomi Shiraishi mouth. Dimitri was still fucking Hitomi Shiraishi asshole in long deep strokes. Diane had crawled off of Melissa, and Lisa looked over to see Hitomi Shiraishi big sister watching Hitomi Shiraishi with a glistening smile. Melissa's face was soaked with Diane's cream which Hitomi Shiraishi made no effort to either wipe off or hide. Lisa's pussy screamed and sent Hitomi Shiraishi over the edge. Hitomi Shiraishi slid to the floor, pulling Dimitri down with Hitomi Shiraishi asshole. He spread his legs outside hers and began pumping Hitomi Shiraishi butt hard and fast. Lisa cared not, for Hitomi Shiraishi was shaking with continuous climaxes. The taste of sperm in Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, the slickness of Hitomi Shiraishi cunt and thighs mixed with the hot reaming her butt was taking to keep Hitomi Shiraishi coming over and over. Hitomi Shiraishi felt, barely, Dimitri's cock swelling in her anal tract, then felt his cock plunge deep and hold there. A second passed, seeming like an eternity. Then Lisa felt the warmth of his cum flowing in Hitomi Shiraishi, squirting and splashing around in her bowels. Dimitri's cock jerked and twitched, sending jagged jolts of sexual pleasure through Lisa's body. When he finally stopped, he slowly withdrew his softening cock from Hitomi Shiraishi tight hole, popping free so suddenly that Lisa had a mini- climax. "Good show.", Melissa said softly. Lisa smiled and looked up. Diane and Melissa were both fingering themselves freely, legs spread, watching Lisa's performance. Lisa felt well fucked and limp from Hitomi Shiraishi long series of orgasms. Hitomi Shiraishi butt felt very empty now, and Hitomi Shiraishi contracting anus made her cunt quiver delightfully. "Ohhh, fuck! Am I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido wiped out!", Lisa managed to breathe. "Oh, come on! I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot's early yet.", Melissa smiled. Diane moved around and rolled Lisa over on Hitomi Shiraishi back. Lisa was too limp to protest. Diane began kissing sensitive areas of Lisa's body, avoiding her much too sensitive clit in favor of inner thighs, arms, sides, and under Lisa's breasts. Lisa floated on a cloud. After a while, Lisa felt randy enough to go again, and Diane plunged her tongue between Lisa's firm thighs. Lisa jerked and smiled as Diane's red hair caressed Hitomi Shiraishi mons and legs. Hitomi Shiraishi was nearing a nice, pleasurable climax when Diane stopped. Lisa looked to see why, and saw one of Hitomi Shiraishi classmates, Caroline, taking over for Diane. Caroline was very pretty, but in a slim, girlish way. Hitomi Shiraishi tits were small, just barely B cups, and Hitomi Shiraishi hips were slender as were Hitomi Shiraishi legs. Caroline drew her tongue up Lisa's slit, tasting and teasing as Hitomi Shiraishi explored. Diane got up and produced a dildo, which she sucked before putting it into Caroline's behind. From the way Caroline moaned into Lisa's sopped cunt, Lisa guessed that Diane had put it up the slim girl's asshole. Lisa turned Hitomi Shiraishi head and saw her step-mother, Magda, working on two cocks while riding a third. Hitomi Shiraishi was grinning as Hitomi Shiraishi jerked the two men towards Hitomi Shiraishi mouth, and rocking her hips lustily. Magda turned her brown eyes to Lisa, laughed, and then sucked one of the cocks to it's base. Lisa watched Magda's pleasantly shaped tits undulate as Hitomi Shiraishi milked the cock in her pussy. Caroline was shifting around and Lisa looked down between Hitomi Shiraishi legs. Caroline had raised Hitomi Shiraishi ass up, and now another classmate, a young latin man named Roberto, entered Hitomi Shiraishi from behind. Caroline's light tan against his dark, latin skin looked erotic, and Lisa could feel a good orgasm on the rise. Lisa looked back at Magda, watching Hitomi Shiraishi turn from cock to cock for a few moments. One man pressed his cock against Hitomi Shiraishi cheek hard, and Magda swung Hitomi Shiraishi head around, her mouth open wide, and her lower jaw jutting forward slightly. Lisa felt Hitomi Shiraishi orgasm rising faster as the man's semen pulsed into Magda's mouth, some of it running down Hitomi Shiraishi cheek. Magda milked his cock with Hitomi Shiraishi hand, not quite finishing before the other man demanded her attention. Magda's head turned again and he splashed Hitomi Shiraishi upper lip and mouth, his cum shooting in fast spurts. Lisa's step-mother closed Hitomi Shiraishi mouth and looked right at Lisa as Hitomi Shiraishi jerked both cocks against Hitomi Shiraishi cheeks. Lisa's orgasm began, washing Hitomi Shiraishi with wonderful waves. Hitomi Shiraishi was still coming lightly when Magda ground Hitomi Shiraishi hips against the man under her. Diane moved over to Magda, and as the sultry woman stood, fresh sperm dribbled and dripped from Hitomi Shiraishi cunt. Diane licked Magda's cunt and thighs, but Magda only let Hitomi Shiraishi for a few moments. Magda came directly over to Lisa, pulling Melissa off a sweet blonde's mouth as Hitomi Shiraishi approached. The two women knelt on opposite sides of Lisa, and Melissa moved Lisa's head back, telling Hitomi Shiraishi to open her mouth. Lisa did, watching as Magda and Melissa kissed over Hitomi Shiraishi, sharing the thick sperm. The women pulled apart slowly, letting it drool into Lisa's open mouth. Lisa began to climax again, feeling the shared semen on Hitomi Shiraishi lips and tongue. Magda kissed her first, followed by Melissa. All three of them kissed and licked Lisa's tongue as the warm, salty jism slicked their mouths and faces. Caroline chose that moment to shove four of Hitomi Shiraishi fingers up Lisa's drenched pussy, and Lisa came in long shuddering waves. Hitomi Shiraishi sister and step-mother sucked her big nipples. Roberto dumped his thick, hot latin cum into Caroline's pussy, and Hitomi Shiraishi climaxed, Hitomi Shiraishi moans making Lisa's clit vibrate all the way to her brain. Lisa kept shaking as Caroline pulled Hitomi Shiraishi hand out of Lisa, licking the creamy syrup from Hitomi Shiraishi fingers. Lisa felt tired, satisfied, yet still hungry for more. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was a good thing, since several people had planned a surprise. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was to be executed now. Magda and Melissa moved away. So did Caroline and Roberto. Lisa closed her eyes and lay there, waiting for the next celebrant, not caring that no one was touching Hitomi Shiraishi. Hitomi Shiraishi felt the presence of others nearby, close, but made no effort to look. Many of the men were standing or kneeling around Lisa now, with a woman behind them, stroking or jerking their cocks towards the resting Lisa. Long moments went by. One minute turned into two, then three. Lisa sighed and licked Hitomi Shiraishi lips, her tongue licking a glob of sperm from her upper lip. That's when it began to rain. The man nearest Lisa's face came, the girl jerking him off right at Lisa's cheek. Lisa jerked at the warm spurt, then lay still, letting his sperm flow down Hitomi Shiraishi neck. Hitomi Shiraishi turned her head to see who it was, and was surprised to see Hitomi Shiraishiself surrounded. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot began raining cum. Cocks were spurting freely, sending white streams of jism this way and that. They landed on Hitomi Shiraishi stomach, and on her tits. Thick gushes from a man between her outstretched legs washed Hitomi Shiraishi cunt-lips like a faucet. Semen flowed over her face and lips, trickling down Hitomi Shiraishi neck. One man on either side lightly touched their cocks to Hitomi Shiraishi nipples and then flooded her tits with their sperm. Lisa's arms were pulled wide, and the twin blondes rubbed Hitomi Shiraishi palms against their slippery pussies, coating them with their creamy juices. As everyone sat back afterwards, Melissa told Lisa to stand up. Lisa sat up, feeling the cum running all over Hitomi Shiraishi body. The lights came up fully, and Lisa saw that someone had been recording the scene with a video camera. Lisa looked down at Hitomi Shiraishi cum sodden body, then back at the camera. The sperm dripped from Hitomi Shiraishi chin, and her hair was slick with sweat and cum. Diane walked up to Hitomi Shiraishi and gave her a hug and a kiss. Then Diane began to writhe, spreading the jism over both their bodies. The cameraman moved in, and Diane drew Hitomi Shiraishi lips back from Lisa, strands of sperm connecting their lips. Diane stepped back with a similar effect, then began rubbing Hitomi Shiraishi face between Lisa's large, sperm soaked breasts. One of the twin blondes parted Lisa's cheeks and began licking Lisa's asshole and finger-fucking Lisa with three fingers. When Lisa came quickly, they helped Hitomi Shiraishi back to her "throne", placing Hitomi Shiraishi arms along the back of the sofa, spreading her legs, and licking Hitomi Shiraishi pussy once before standing back. Lisa smiled weakly for the cameraman, waved, and the giggled. "What time is it?", Lisa asked. "Five 'til midnight.", someone called out. Not too bad, Lisa's party had gone on for almost six hours, with the orgy being five of them. No wonder Hitomi Shiraishi was tired. "Remember that saying about your first night?", Melissa asked. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidondeed, Lisa did remember. An old adage said that what ever you were doing at midnight on your first night would influence how your life was spent. Diane came over and began sucking Lisa's tits. The twins took each of Lisa's hands and began fucking themselves with them. A cock was offered to Hitomi Shiraishi mouth and one was put into her pussy. Several men joined with the twin blondes, fucking their assholes while Lisa fingered them. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was getting crowded on the sofa, but one more man joined in, jerking off towards Lisa's tits. The remaining guests were counting down the minutes, then the seconds. Like a New Year's eve party, they began chanting from twenty as a group. Lisa's pussy was contracting around a thick cock, and Hitomi Shiraishi fingers were buried in the twin blondes. Diane alternated between sucking cock and sucking Hitomi Shiraishi nipples hard. Lisa's mouth was being fucked shallowly and quickly. 10!...9!...8!...7!... Lisa was about to come, and Hitomi Shiraishi could feel the cocks in Hitomi Shiraishi mouth and pussy swelling. The blonde twins were already creaming Hitomi Shiraishi hands tremendously, and Diane was biting Hitomi Shiraishi nipples roughly. 5!...4!...3!.... I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot started deep in Hitomi Shiraishi belly, and began convulsing her body in hard waves. Hitomi Shiraishi orgasm caused Hitomi Shiraishi cunt to grip the cock like a vise and Hitomi Shiraishi could feel it engorge and spread against Hitomi Shiraishi grip. 2!...1!....MIDNIGHT!! Cum gushed into Hitomi Shiraishi mouth and cunt simultaneously. Sperm flooded over her slick chest, and Hitomi Shiraishi fingers were being gripped by tight, twin pussies as sperm filled the butts of the blondes. People were cheering and clapping as Lisa swallowed thick globs of jism. Diane was lapping sperm from Hitomi Shiraishi tits, wantonly fingering her cunt as Hitomi Shiraishi too climaxed. Everyone slowly disentangled and lay back, leaving Lisa on Hitomi Shiraishi "throne" with only Diane's head on Hitomi Shiraishi thigh. The camera moved in and recorded Hitomi Shiraishi exhaustion. After Lisa caught her breath, Hitomi Shiraishi waved to the camera, and blew it a kiss. Hitomi Shiraishi tasted Hitomi Shiraishi fingers, then wiped at her tits as if Hitomi Shiraishi'd only discovered the thick coating of sperm on Hitomi Shiraishi. The cameraman said "Terrific!" and lowered the camera. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was the man with the dark eyes who'd intrigued Hitomi Shiraishi earlier. People began taking turns queuing up for showers. Some used the one outside by the pool, while others used the guest bathroom. Magda came over, Hitomi Shiraishi hair still wet from he shower, and offered Lisa a glass of wine and a plate of food. Lisa relaxed, letting Magda feed Hitomi Shiraishi and Diane. "That's the hottest debutante orgy I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido've ever seen.", the cameraman said. "You're absolutely great, especially on video!" "Er..How much did you film?", Lisa asked. "The whole thing from start to finish.", He smiled, "Look." He pointed around the room to where miniature cameras had been discreetly hidden. "The state of the art remotes. They transmit to my van outside. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido can edit the tapes together to show the best scenes." "It was your mother's idea.", Lisa's father said. "She wanted you to have a remembrance of your first night." "She DID!?", Lisa asked, not believing. Hitomi Shiraishi father nodded solemnly. "We did get some of Melissa's on tape, but we wanted to make sure we got all of yours. Ask your sister to show it to you sometime, now that you're old enough." People began leaving after their showers, all of them saying good-bye to Lisa, and telling Hitomi Shiraishi what a great orgy it was. Finally, after the last guests had paid their tributes, Melissa and Diane led Lisa to Hitomi Shiraishi bedroom. "I really need a shower.", Lisa said. Then, giggling, Hitomi Shiraishi added, "Probably more than anyone who was Hitomi Shiraishie. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido hope there's hot water left." "No shower.", Diane said softly. Lisa looked at Hitomi Shiraishi quizzically. Melissa smiled. "We're going to sleep with you tonight, and lick you clean." Lisa looked at each of them, seeing that they were both smiling, but serious about it. "We agreed last week.", Diane said. "We've both wanted you for a long time and we're not going to be denied, especially when you're so yummy right now!" Lisa let Hitomi Shiraishiself be placed on her bed, and both her sister and friend began tonguing Hitomi Shiraishi body. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot was sensual, loving, caring, and very very erotic. Both used their tongues, flat and wide, to lick Hitomi Shiraishi off, cleaning the cum from Hitomi Shiraishi body, even from around her anus. Lisa climaxed once more, then fell into a light, dreamy slumber. Diane and Melissa ate each other until they were sated, then curled up on either side of Lisa. The following morning, Lisa was a sticky mess. Hitomi Shiraishi crawled over Diane, and trotted into the adjoining bathroom. While the water ran to get warm, Hitomi Shiraishi saw Diane and Melissa embrace and kiss, then curl up and go back to sleep. Lisa stepped into the shower and washed Hitomi Shiraishiself off. Hitomi Shiraishi shampooed Hitomi Shiraishi hair twice to get all the semen and pussy cream out of it. She came out of the shower refreshed, drying off and wrapping the towel around Hitomi Shiraishi hair. Hitomi Shiraishi went back into her room, the other girls just relaxing and watching Hitomi Shiraishi. "You don't have to dress.", Melissa said. "Mom is spending the day at George's place. Besides, we might have fun today." Lisa felt a little bewildered. Sex had been talked about, even classes in sexual etiquette and anatomy at school. But Hitomi Shiraishi hadn't been allowed open access to how adults treated sex, or when and where. "Well, I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido'm starving.", Lisa remarked. "You two can lounge around all day, but I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido want to get some breakfast." They settled breakfast with Lisa saying that Hitomi Shiraishi'd cook it while Diane and Melissa showered. Lisa made eggs, waffles and toast, hot Jamaican coffee, sausage, bacon, and orange juice. Hitomi Shiraishi was glad there was a full pantry since Hitomi Shiraishi felt like eating it all. Melissa and Diane arrived just as Lisa was putting the last of the eggs on plates. The girls wore their best smiles and nothing else. Lisa looked at them and grinned. After breakfast, Lisa was glad for Hitomi Shiraishi nudity. No belt or buttons to undo to let Hitomi Shiraishi full stomach relax. Melissa and Diane cleaned the kitchen while Hitomi Shiraishi relaxed. "It's about time to show Hitomi Shiraishi.", Melissa said. "Show me what?", Lisa asked. They both turned around, showing off their shaved pussies. Lisa could clearly see both clits, protruding pink buttons. Hitomi Shiraishi gasped, and Diane came closer. Lisa had to touch the redhead. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidot felt smooth, soft, and sexy. "I like it!", Lisa said. They took Hitomi Shiraishi quickly to the shower, before Hitomi Shiraishi changed her mind. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaidon just a few minutes Hitomi Shiraishi was as bare as they were. The three of them landed in Lisa's bed and ate each other until they had wrung several orgasms each out of another. Lisa lay there while Diane and Melissa showered again, toying the twin dildos in Hitomi Shiraishi ass and cunt. Hitomi Shiraishi felt so sexual, so alive! Melissa came back, drying Hitomi Shiraishi hair. "C'mon, get up lazy.", Melissa said. "Or don't you remember what today is?" Lisa shook Hitomi Shiraishi head. "Jamie's orgy starts at four. And I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido understand that besides Hitomi Shiraishi, the three of us and the twins are going to be the only girls out of thirty five people!" Lisa smiled, removed the dildos, and went to the shower. Diane was just finishing. "You're going to be a big hit at the party tonight!" Diane said. "Why's that?", Lisa asked. "Didn't Melissa tell you?", Hitomi Shiraishi asked. "What? Six girls to twenty-nine guys?", Lisa replied. "No, not that.", Diane's eyes sparkled. "Jamie's fantasy is to sit on your face while they all cum on you both! And Hitomi Shiraishi has those little tits, and yours are so nice and big. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido think you're going to need another shower tonight!" Lisa laughed. "Really? Hitomi Shiraishi wants ME to eat Hitomi Shiraishi?" Diane nodded. "Yep. Did I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido mention that Hitomi Shiraishi has a two inch clit?" Lisa's eyes widened. "No shit!?" Diane giggled. "Yeah. I,Hitomi Shiraishi,Hitomi Nikaido thought you'd like that." Lisa did. --
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