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Suprising Sharon I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd promised a good friend that I'd check on his daughter while he and his wife went to Tahoe for a skiing vacation. Sharon, their daughter, was a lovely 18 year old brunette who got Maki Mizuno dark good looks from her mother. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd often thought that Maki Mizuno'd be sexually stimulating and fun, but I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd never gone much beyond fantasizing about Maki Mizuno. Until now. My responsibility was simple. Just check in with Sharon and make sure that Maki Mizuno wasn't throwing wild parties or getting into trouble while mom and dad were away. Sharon's mother actually told me that they weren't concerned if Maki Mizuno entertained friends, as long as they weren't getting "out of hand". So, with that in mind, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stopped by about mid-afternoon on Saturday. The day was warm, especially for a late November, even for California. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada pulled the car up in front of the neighbor's house since there was a Toyota four-by-four in front of Sharon's. As I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada walked up to the front of the house, fumbling for the spare key I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd been given, my thoughts were on being pleasant and making sure that Sharon was behaving, as Maki Mizuno'd promised Maki Mizuno parents. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stopped on the front porch, debating if I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada should ring the bell first, or just go in. Courtesy won out, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada reached for the doorbell. A noise drew my attention to the window to my left, just at the edge of the porch. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada knew this was Sharon's bedroom, nearest the front of the house, and the noise sounded like soft moaning. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada slipped up to the window, quietly, and peered through the small gap in the curtains. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadanvolutarily, I gasped, now seeing Sharon lying completely naked on Maki Mizuno bed, her legs around a young man's hips as he repeatedly plunged in and out of Maki Mizuno, Sharon's hands around his neck, and Maki Mizuno body arching up in raw orgasm. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada felt my own loins aroused as I watched, the young man arching too, spurting his cum inside Maki Mizuno, then he rested himself on top of Maki Mizuno, kissing her. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada drew back from the window, and thought. It was almost 18 years ago that I was Maki Mizuno age, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could remember passionate liasions with my girlfriends while someone's parents were out, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada decided to at least give Maki Mizuno a break. I returned to my car, started it, then drove around the block, returning and parking in the driveway. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada noisily got out of the car, and walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada waited for almost a minute before I rang again, and several seconds after that second ring, Sharon answered the door, dressed and looking very presentable. She smiled and asked me to "come on in", holding the door open wide. Sharon's boyfriend, Mitch came out of the bathroom and walked down the hall. He said hello, and sat on the sofa, but I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd already noticed that his crotch was still a showing a bulge. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada talked to Sharon, asking Maki Mizuno what her plans were for the weekend and such, making it obvious that I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada wouldn't be too much of a pain for her. Mitch was watching a basketball game, so I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked Sharon into the kitchen. "Next time," I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada began, "be sure your curtains are closed dear." Sharon gave me a quizzical look, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada told Maki Mizuno that I'd actually seen a bit of Maki Mizuno "goings on" through the parted drapes. "...and while I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'm not worried about it, it wouldn't do for your parents or a snoopy neighbor to catch you." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada finished. Sharon blushed and then smiled, realizing that I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was treating Maki Mizuno as an adult, and with honesty. "Okay." Maki Mizuno said quietly, looking down, embarrassed. I'm sure Maki Mizuno glanced at my crotch while looking down, seeing my semi-erection. We returned to the living room and chatted a bit before I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada left to finish my weekend errands. About ten o'clock, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada had to run to the store, so I made a quick detour to check on Sharon. The Toyota was now in the driveway, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stopped quietly and went to the door. This time the drapes were fully closed, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could hear no noises inside. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada figured that my voyuerism was finished for the night, and was just turning to leave the porch when I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada saw the light go on in the kitchen. The window was near the right corner of the house, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stayed in the shadow of the porch, rather than be seen. Glancing around the edges of the window drapes I looked inside. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadanstant erection! Sharon was standing by the refrigerator, naked, pouring a glass of water. Maki Mizuno beautiful, naturally brown breasts showed clearly Maki Mizuno boyfriend's sperm, running down her front. Maki Mizuno large, dark nipples were glistening with his cum, and there seemed to be some on Maki Mizuno cheek too. Sharon finished Maki Mizuno water, poured some more and left, turning off the light. My heart was pounding as I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stumbled off the porch and returned to my car. Head reeling from the sight of Maki Mizuno beautiful naked body, and the evidence of her most recent activities. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada returned home, and just about midnight, called Maki Mizuno. Maki Mizuno answered the phone and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked if Maki Mizuno was okay, and she said she was just fine. We talked a bit, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada ended our chat by telling Maki Mizuno that I'd stop by tomorrow afternoon. She said that was fine and hung up. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada didn't get much sleep that night, think- ing of Maki Mizuno young, beautiful body next to mine. Then, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada figured that I was being silly and fell asleep. The next afternoon when I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stopped by, Sharon was wearing a tight fitting exercise top, covered by a loose sweater, and a pair of jeans. We talked a bit and then Maki Mizuno caught me off-guard. "Have you ever eaten a girl's pussy?" Maki Mizuno said, then blushed as if Maki Mizuno couldn't believe Maki Mizuno'd said that. Maki Mizuno watched my reaction closely, while I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stammered and tried to recover gracefully. "Uh...err...ahh. Yes, many times." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada finally said. "Is it...I mean....does Maki Mizuno...umm...is it something you like?" Maki Mizuno asked. "I've never had any complaints." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "And yes, I like it very much." Sharon almost wriggled in delight. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked Maki Mizuno why Maki Mizuno wanted to know. "Mitch won't do it for me." Maki Mizuno said, "He thinks it's too weird." "Poor guy." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada replied. "But I'll bet he thinks you should go down on him!" "Well, sure." Sharon replied. Maki Mizuno thought about it then, and realized that her boyfriend was a bit insistent on Maki Mizuno giving him head, but wanted no part in returning the favor. "Do you like to do that?" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked Maki Mizuno. Now it was my turn to watch her reaction. Sharon blushed again, and stammered out Maki Mizuno answer. "Well...um...yeah...I do." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked Maki Mizuno why and what Maki Mizuno liked about it. "It...umm...sort of seems like I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada have this power...a hold...over him when I do that. Makes me feel like I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'm in control." "That's natural." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "Because it's true." "What's it like?" Maki Mizuno asked. Maki Mizuno change of subject caught me and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked her "what is WHAT like?" since Maki Mizuno was being vague (to me). "Eating a girl's pussy. What's it like?" That is something difficult to describe to someone who's never done that before. "Well, it is exciting." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada began, collecting my thoughts. "Like anything sexual, it involves touching Maki Mizuno warm body, and in a very sensitive area. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada like to move around and watch Maki Mizuno reactions. Caress her intimately with my tounge and see and feel Maki Mizuno arousal." "Hmmmm. But what does it taste like?" Sharon queried. "It varies from woman to woman." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "Mostly, it is warm, slick and wonderfully exciting. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada don't notice the taste as much as Maki Mizuno approaching her climax." Sharon was sitting at the other end of the sofa, Maki Mizuno legs curled under her and leaning forward, listening to me. Maki Mizuno swallowed before Maki Mizuno asked the next question. "Have you ever made a girl come that way?" Maki Mizuno asked, Maki Mizuno eyes wide. "All the time." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "I enjoy that." Sharon sat there, looking at me, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could see that Maki Mizuno was aroused by our conversation. Maki Mizuno was trying to ask me to suck Maki Mizuno pussy, without coming right out and asking me. "Haven't you ever tasted yourself?" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked. Sharon nodded, but said that Maki Mizuno'd thought it wasn't right so she stopped. "Did it arouse you though?" "Yes. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadat did. Quite a lot actually." "Would you like me to make you come with my tounge?" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada finally asked Maki Mizuno. Sharon looked at me for all of two seconds. "Ohhhh yes!" Maki Mizuno almost yelled and moved closer to me. "Would you?" My fantasy was coming true, but as much as I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada wanted to rush, I also wanted to savor this enthusiastic young woman. "Stand up." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada told Maki Mizuno. Once standing I told her to remove her sweater. She did, and the elastic exercise top showed Maki Mizuno erect nipples pressing hard against the fabric. The black material made Maki Mizuno naturally tan skin look even darker, smoother. "Now, remove your top too." Sharon did, releasing Maki Mizuno C-cup breasts. As Maki Mizuno tossed the top on the sofa, Maki Mizuno tits jiggled nicely, the large dark nipples crinkled up and hard. "Are your nipples sensitive?" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada asked Maki Mizuno. "Oh yeah!" Maki Mizuno said. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada told Maki Mizuno to touch them, and show me how Maki Mizuno liked them touched and played with. Sharon slowly complied and began rolling them between Maki Mizuno thumbs and forefingers, pulling on them slightly. "Take off your pants and underwear." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada instructed Maki Mizuno. Sharon removed the last of Maki Mizuno clothes quickly, and stood before me naked. Her slim hips and firm thighs were delightful. Maki Mizuno flat, trim stomach was both sexy and mouthwatering. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stood and took Maki Mizuno hand, leading her to her bedroom. I told Maki Mizuno to sit on the bed and then I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada began undressing in front of her. "Lay back and watch." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "I want you to show me how you get yourself hot while I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada undress." Sharon balked a bit, and I told Maki Mizuno that it would make this even better if I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could see what Maki Mizuno liked. Sharon propped Maki Mizunoself up on the pillows and began to rub Maki Mizuno pussy, one hand pulling her nipple. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada undressed slowly, unbuttoning my shirt, button by button as I watched. My shoes and socks went next, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada removed my jeans, folding them and laying them over a chair. Sharon's eyes were on the bulge in my breifs, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could see Maki Mizuno finger disappearing easily into her love tunnel. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada removed my t-shirt and then stopped, watching Maki Mizuno. "Sit up over Maki Mizunoe." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said, indicating the bedside just in front of me. Sharon moved over, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada took Maki Mizuno hand, the one that Maki Mizuno'd been finger-fucking herself with, and licked Maki Mizuno fingers off, tasting her sweet juice. When I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada licked the palm of Maki Mizuno hand, Sharon leaned forward, pressing her mouth to my shorts and kissing my shaft through the fabric. "I want you to take them off." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. Sharon grabbed the waistband and pulled down, sliding them over my hard cock and letting it spring free. Maki Mizuno gasped as it stood back up, the tip brushing Maki Mizuno face. "Ohhh God!" Maki Mizuno said gleefully, looking at my full 7 inches. Maki Mizuno mouth was surrounding it before I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could say anything, and Maki Mizuno began to suck me into Maki Mizuno eager mouth. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'm quite big around, so Maki Mizuno had trouble taking it all, but she managed more than half of it. To say Maki Mizuno enjoyed sucking my cock would not do her justice. Maki Mizuno loved it! She was licking it all over, even licking my balls and sucking them into Maki Mizuno mouth. "Careful." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "Unless you want a drink." This seemed to spur Maki Mizuno into high gear, and Sharon sucked me while Maki Mizuno also stroked me with Maki Mizuno hand. Sharon pulled my hips to her face and made me fuck her mouth, and Maki Mizuno was moaning while she sucked, sending vibrations down my cock and deep inside of me. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada came seconds later. Sharon gulped my cum down loudly, keeping me in Maki Mizuno mouth. Maki Mizuno sucked and milked me dry, licking my cock off with lovingly long laps from Maki Mizuno tounge, and finally kissed each of my balls before she smiled up at me. "Ohhhh! Thank you!" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said. "Now it's my turn to please you." Sharon moved back to the pillows and spread Maki Mizuno legs. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was tempted to dive into Maki Mizuno dark, curly brown hairs, but instead, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada began with her nipples. I sucked Maki Mizuno tits, using my tounge to circle her nipples and tease her large areaole, biting softly and tugging on them. Sharon squirmed and moaned as I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada did, and my hands lightly explored Maki Mizuno lithe form. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada licked down between and then under, Maki Mizuno breasts, teasing their undersides. My tounge traced down her side, then up Maki Mizuno stomach and down the other side, my hands roaming all over her luscious thighs. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada licked the insides of Maki Mizuno thighs, working slowly up one, then the other. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada kissed and tounged all around Maki Mizuno legs and pussy, staying clear of Maki Mizuno labia and clitoris. Sharon's breathing was heavy and her hips were rocking up and down to meet my lips as they explored Maki Mizuno wonderful delights. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada moved up and kissed Maki Mizuno passionately, getting her fiery tounge shoved into my mouth in return. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada kissed Maki Mizuno neck and ears, licking and kissing her shoulders before returning to Maki Mizuno yearning, lower body. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada slid my hand under her ass, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could feel Maki Mizuno juices running down her cheeks. I decided that I wanted to bury my face between Maki Mizuno thighs right now! I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada reached up and spread her legs wide, and then bent down. My tounge started at Maki Mizuno entrance, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada rimmed it with a stiff tounge, making Maki Mizuno gasp. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada flicked it around then slowly slid up, parting Maki Mizuno slick labia, until I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada found her erect, pink clit. I took her clit between my lips and sucked it, flicking my tounge rapidly over it. "Ohhhh!! Unnnnngghhhh!" Sharon moaned loudly, arching Maki Mizuno hips off the bed and pressing against me. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada pulled Maki Mizuno clit into my mouth and ran my hot tounge all around it, then released it and chased it in circles some more. Sharon began bucking Maki Mizuno hips and trying to mash Maki Mizuno cunt against my face. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada lowered myself to suck and lick her opening again, and even between Maki Mizuno cunt and asshole. Sharon was openly panting and ready to orgasm. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada slid up to Maki Mizuno clit again, and slid a finger in her pussy, then a second, splaying them wide. The combination of my tounge on her sensitive clit, and my fingers pressing and spreading Maki Mizuno wide, made Sharon moan, then go rigid in orgasm. Maki Mizuno juices were all over my face, hand and Maki Mizuno ass. Some had even made the bed damp. Now, in Maki Mizuno orgasm, her beautiful, trim legs locked around my ears, Maki Mizuno body shaking, Maki Mizuno released even more of her cream on my hand and chin. Sharon shuddered and then relaxed, still moving Maki Mizuno hips. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada flicked my tounge over Maki Mizuno clit again, and Maki Mizuno jumped. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada slid down and sucked her opening, tasting her creamy juice and then sucked Maki Mizuno labia into my mouth. Sharon was so very sensitive that Maki Mizuno came again, without Maki Mizuno clit touched. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada held her cuntlips in my mouth, then pulled on them lightly. Sharon cried out a loud moan and arched Maki Mizuno hips up. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada felt something gush against my chin and neck, then felt her warm wetness on my skin. Sharon's spasming cunt had squirted Maki Mizuno cunt-juice against me and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada felt like I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada would come too! Maki Mizuno rocked and held my face to Maki Mizuno pussy, rubbing herself against my face, grinding Maki Mizuno clit to my lips. Maki Mizuno finally calmed down and then Maki Mizuno let go, allowing me to sit up. "Well." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said after a long silence. "Was it what you expected?" "Oh...Jeeezus!...God...That was...incredible!" Sharon panted. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada stroked Maki Mizuno thighs tenderly, and kissed her mons softly. Sharon floated on Maki Mizuno post-orgasmic cloud, smiling happily. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada decided that Maki Mizuno (and I) de- served more. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada moved up and lay next to Maki Mizuno looking at her beautiful blue-grey eyes. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was about to suggest Maki Mizuno straddle my face when she leaned over and kissed me passionately, licking Maki Mizuno own juices from my face. "Ummmm. Now I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada see why you like it." Maki Mizuno said, licking some of Maki Mizuno own cum from my chin. "It's so sexy feeling on your tounge." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada suggested that Maki Mizuno straddle my face so she could better control Maki Mizuno own orgasm, and Maki Mizuno readily agreed. Maki Mizuno long, lean legs on either side of my head and Maki Mizuno beautiful, slim ass and pussy hovering over my mouth was a dream come true. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada sucked Maki Mizuno, licked her, and drank her sweet juices until Maki Mizuno'd come twice more. Sharon was purring against my chest as we cuddled up and rested. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadat was about twenty minutes later and we took turns going to the bathroom, and when Maki Mizuno finished, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada went. I returned to Maki Mizuno on the bed, smiling and saying that Maki Mizuno was going to suprise me now. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada wondered how she was going to suprise me when Maki Mizuno pulled me into the bed and began a wonderful sixty-nine. Sharon sucked me, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada sucked Maki Mizuno. I was enjoying her tremendous mouth on me, and her tounge, when Sharon tensed and closed Maki Mizuno thighs around my head and shook for a few seconds. "What the...??" I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada thought, Maki Mizuno actions much to short for an orgasm. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada discovered that this was only a ruse, to cover something else. Sharon was sucking me into Maki Mizuno mouth, then Maki Mizuno raise up and off of me. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada heard Maki Mizuno ask me to make her come again, then my cock was enveloped in her warm wet mouth again. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada circled Maki Mizuno clit, feeling her hips moving in a sensual and swaying motion. My cock was about halfway in Maki Mizuno mouth, when I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada heard her talk clearly and distinctly. "Make me come! Eat me and make me come!" Maki Mizuno said. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadat took me several seconds to realize that my cock was being sucked and she was talking clearly -- something impossible! Sharon sensed my need to see what was going on, and Maki Mizuno ground Maki Mizuno cunt against my mouth even harder, working her hips back and forth, faster and faster. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada slid three fingers into Maki Mizuno slick tunnel and spread them, and licked Maki Mizuno clit as it slipped by. Sharon came with satisfying groans and shudders, finally stopping with Maki Mizuno dripping wet cunt against my mouth. My cock was still being devoured, and it felt extremely good, but with Sharon in the way, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada couldn't see who it was. Sharon slid off of me, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada looked down, and much to my suprise, saw Maki Mizuno best friend, Kelly, sucking me. "Suprised?" Sharon asked. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was too stunned to reply, and Kelly looked up at me and smiled, showing me Maki Mizuno large, hanging breasts, before resuming her task. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada looked to Sharon for an explanation. "I hope you're not mad." Maki Mizuno started. "But Kelly's never had Maki Mizuno pussy eaten either, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada couldn't let you get away before Maki Mizuno had Maki Mizuno chance." As dark, lean, and sexy as Sharon was, Kelly made a nice contrast. Kelly was fair, dusky-blonde, blue eyed, with very large breasts, and just enough extra padding to be sexy without being heavy. Sharon sat back while I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada invited Kelly to take Sharon's place, astride my face. Kelly lowered Maki Mizuno very wet pussy to my face, and her musky fragrance was very different from Sharon's almost delicate one. Kelly moaned when my tounge found Maki Mizuno labia, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada sucked them right away. My hands slid up her front to cup and fondle Maki Mizuno tits, and Maki Mizuno started rubbing her cunt against my face. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada let Maki Mizuno move, using my tounge to flick her clit and probe her delicate areas. I slid my fingers in Maki Mizuno and spread them, trying to probe for her "G" spot, if it really existed. Kelly came with a loud moaning "I'm Commmmmminnnnnggg!", and Maki Mizuno literally sat on my face and ground Maki Mizuno pussy against me. My hand was against my forehead when Maki Mizuno stopped coming, and then slid down, laying with her big breasts against my rigid cock. My fingers left Maki Mizuno pussy with a very wet sound. Sharon leaned over, looking down at me and smiling. Maki Mizuno lowered Maki Mizuno face. "You, sir, are a wet mess." Maki Mizuno said softly, then kissed me. Sharon licked up some of Kelly's cream and tasted it, then proceeded to kiss me and lick my face clean of Maki Mizuno cum. Maki Mizuno sat back, looking pleased with herself, surveying the scene. From where I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Kelly rolled off of me, and lay on my right, Sharon kneeling on my left. "That was great!" Kelly said, stroking my rigid shaft. "He tastes good too." Sharon said to Maki Mizuno. "Oh yeah?" Kelly said, looking up at me impishly. "Now ladies." I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said, grinning like an idiot. "Let's not wear out the nice equipment too soon." Sharon kissed me again, and Maki Mizuno blushed when Kelly bluntly asked, "Well? How does my pussy taste Sharon?" Sharon didn't know what to say at first, then blurted out "Sexy. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamadat makes me feel hot." Kelly smiled and then told Sharon to mount my stiff rod, which Maki Mizuno did with joy. Sharon's pussy was tight, fitting around me like a glove. "Ooooo! That feels soooo thick!" Sharon moaned as Maki Mizuno lowered Maki Mizunoself down. We proceeded to rock back and forth, in and out for a while, moving faster each stroke. Sharon leaned over and kissed me, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada squeezed Maki Mizuno tits, pinching her nipples hard for Maki Mizuno. Suddenly, Kelly pulled me out of Sharon, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada felt Maki Mizuno suck me into her warm mouth. Maki Mizuno sucked a couple of strokes and put me back into Sharon's pussy, where we resumed our wonderful rhythm. "Well Kel? How does my cunt taste?" Sharon asked lustily. "Hmmmmm. Pretty good actually." Kelly told Maki Mizuno. "Kelly, instead of watching," I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada said, "you could come up Maki Mizunoe and let me eat your pussy again." For the next few minutes, I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada sucked Kelly and fucked Sharon. My hands went over both their bodies, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could feel Kelly's tits bouncing as Maki Mizuno rocked her hips against my face. The girls decided to switch, and Sharon sat on my eager tounge while Kelly rammed Maki Mizuno cunt up and down on my stiff cock. Sharon was close to orgasm, and so was I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada. I reached up to squeeze Sharon's luscious tits and found Kelly's hands already there. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada found Sharon's on Maki Mizunos and heard them both moaning above me. That drew me over the edge and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada arched up, shoving my cock deep into Kelly, making Maki Mizuno gasp. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada came long and hard, spurting and spurting my thick cream into Maki Mizuno waiting cunt. No sooner than I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada had relaxed, than I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada felt Kelly leaning back and Sharon pull me out of Maki Mizuno friend's pussy. I resumed sucking Sharon, and realized that Maki Mizuno was sucking Kelly's cunt, and licking my cock. Maki Mizuno was using my cock like a spoon, running it up Kelly's cum-drenched slit and then licking me off. Kelly was moaning and rocking Maki Mizuno hips up and down. Sharon leaned forward and made sucking noises, just before Kelly came. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada could feel Maki Mizuno pussy squeezing out my cum and hers, most of it running down onto my balls. Sharon was eagerly licking us both. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada raised my head and shoved my tounge into Sharon's hot pussy, and Maki Mizuno moaned. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada reached down and grabbed Maki Mizuno tits, pulling her nipples hard. Sharon groaned and came, Maki Mizuno spasming pussy forcing thick white cream from her entrance like a flowing river. Maki Mizuno shook and shuddered, Maki Mizuno legs drawing together around my head, until Maki Mizuno stopped. We all layed back, sweating and exhausted. My jaws ached from this little adventure, as did my neck. Kelly moved up and kissed me, licking some of Sharon's juices from my lips and chin. Then without a word, Maki Mizuno slid across me and she began sucking Sharon's cunt directly. Sharon came very quickly, then Maki Mizuno had to rest, Maki Mizuno pussy much too sensitive to touch. We kept this up, taking turns orally satisfying each other until late into the evening. When Kelly finally went home, both girls had eaten each other out several times, and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada'd come in both their mouths and cunts. I had to leave, and Sharon and I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada showered before I did. I enjoyed Maki Mizuno open attitude towards sex, and Maki Mizuno enthusiasm. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada left, and the following day, her parents returned home. I,Maki Mizuno,Maki Hamada was called at work by Maki Mizuno mother, who said I must have done a very good job, as Sharon said that Maki Mizuno hadn't had any problems with my chaperoning! Sharon called a bit later, and told me privately that Maki Mizuno was trying to get Maki Mizuno parents to take another, longer, ski trip just after Christmas. What a way to end a year! --
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